Gridview rowupdating boundfield value

I have my onrowupdating method, and it works, except for this one value is not getting passed to the method. The problem lies in one of the rows that I converted to a templete field and added a dropdownlist to.

NET 2.0 Grid View control allows us to quickly edit and delete records.

We check the value entered in the Text Box using args. Especially the following events are important for validation point of view.

Out of these events Row Updating and Row Deleting are possibly the most common ones.

On the first step of the wizard click on "New Connection" button to open a dialog as shown in Figure 1.

Enter the database details as per your setup and click on OK.

In our example we will illustrate the use of Updating event for the validation purpose.

When when they click update I want the value of the drop down list to get passed to my method.

This is the code for the col in my gridview that does not work Alright so I have a Grid with 17 fields.

Add Grid View1_Row Updating event handler as shown below: The Row Updating event handler receives an event argument of type Grid View Update Event Args.

The Grid View Update Event Args class has three important collections - Old Values, New Values and Keys.

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  1. when the data(produce by $query) is level 5 the $level5 will increment by 1, then that data will under go to another if statement to determined what month the data(produce by $query) belong, let say the data is 2012-05-14, so the data will go in the if statement if(Date_format($ii['date'],'%m'))==05) and increase the $level5_may by 1 and after that...